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Ben Blaschke
Written by Ben Blaschke

This article first appeared in the June 2017 issue of WGM.

Renowned Hong Kong pâtisserie Passion by Gérard Dubois has opened its second Macau store, providing guests with quality food and a uniquely European outdoor vibe.

It is now five years since Swiss-born pastry chef Gerard Dubois opened his first Passion by Gérard Dubois Boulangerie – Pâtisserie – Confiserie in Hong Kong and since then he has expanded his Passion empire to eight stores across the region. Given the innovative implementation of his new Macau store at StarWorld, it’s easy to see why.

The second Passion café to open in Macau following last year’s Galaxy launch, StarWorld’s operation provides guests with a very different experience from those of other local eateries due to its open plan and use of outdoor space.

The long-term concept is for Passion at StarWorld to provide shaded outdoor dining – a rare and under-utilized feature across the city – but for now the bi-fold doors make for a uniquely relaxing environment when open.

That may seem somewhat of a contradiction given Macau’s famed summer humidity, yet when WGM stopped by for a coffee it was a pleasant breeze that wafted through the eatery. Passion is all about quality food at an affordable price – another nice change for a café located inside one of Macau’s more prominent resorts. Our Nicoise sandwich, for example – topped with tuna, olives, egg, avocado and salad – came in at just MOP$42 and was more than enough to comprise a satisfying breakfast.

Other options include a selection of fresh and tasty looking salads, various pastries and freshly cooked breads and of course sour dough pizzas which fill the air with their delicious aroma as they cook away in the oven.

Although Passion is at its core a French bakery, it does feel distinctly Italian in many ways given that pizza, pasta and a large gelato bar feature prominently when it comes to the menu.

However, the pastries and macarons are indisputably French. From perfectly tempered chocolate to brightly colored fruits, the French pastry collection is exquisite in its presentation and an irresistible temptation for those with a sweet tooth. At last Macau has a European café that won’t break the bank.

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